Understanding a unifying theme of ‘LANDSCAPE’ as a holistic socio-ecological system for environmental sustainability and community resilience.

Welcome to the SUPER Research Lab. We seek research, innovations, and public engagement to enhance our understanding of urban sustainability and community resilience through a lens of socio-ecological systems. The primary areas of research are at the intersection of urban and landscape ecology and environmental and community planning with the overarching goals to build, manage, and restore natural and built environments that are healthy, resilient, and biodiverse.

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Evaluations for promotion, tenure, and reappointment apply the highest standards of professional achievement in scholarship, teaching, and service for each faculty member evaluated

‘We have heard these wonderful talks, now what are we going to do? The time for action is now’

‘We want to greenify those lands that have been disregarded and underestimated in the city setting’

The garden was a collaborative effort between various members of the University community, including students and faculty of Public Health House and the landscape architecture program

‘While many studies looked at these topics at the city level, I was able to explore the local patterns within the city, not just talk about the fact that there is unequal access to parks, but I was able to identify neighborhoods that should be improved’

With climate-adaptive designs and community engagement, distressed properties in the Hartford area and beyond can go from public eyesore to public benefit

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