Dr. Park joins a new NERCPD multi-state grant project

This project entitled, “Best Practices in Bike/Pedestrian Trail Data Collection and Monitoring” was funded by the North East Regional Center Planning Grant (NERCPD). Colleagues at the University of Connecticut, University of New Hampshire, University of Vermont, and University of Minnesota partnered on this multi-state grant to share successes and learning from trail and non-motorized traffic monitoring initiatives, including the Connecticut Trail Census, the New Hampshire Trail Finder and the Minnesota Bicycle and Pedestrian Counting Initiative led by Dr. Greg Lindsey, a nationally-recognized scholar in the area of active transportation and research. The project will involve monthly meetings of team members with recorded webinar presentations, a face to face Bike/Pedestrian Data Colloquium, publication of colloquium proceedings, identification of research agenda items, implementation of three pilot data collection sites, and development of a collegial network.

Cyclist on bike trail